What you doing today?
What you doing tomorrow?
I want you
I want to see you

Waaa, sudah beberapa bulan tidak update di blog (dikarenakan sibuk aka males haha). Okay karena akhir-akhir ini aku suka mendengarkan K-pop jadi aku hanya ingin share lagu K-pop yang akhir-akhir ini sering banget aku dengerin dan feelnya dalem banget huhu. Enjoy ... 

Winner - Empty

It’s over, my love
Where are you?
Now we are just a memory
I was happy, don’t forget me, let’s meet again.

iKON - Apology

And I hope I’m just one of the many people in your life
That comes and goes
I hope that as the tears and cherry blossoms fall
There will be new life sprouting from them and
I hope our memories are short and beautiful
Just like the sunset, and I hope
All of these things are able to
Push at your slender back with good nature
Even though you still haven’t been able to take your feet off the ground

#Winner #iKON #YGEntertainment

Ajeng Rachmawati

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